The TCAT bus took Linda Koski three to five hours to make.

ITHACA, N.Y. — A lifelong Ithacan has started a tribute garden to her home city and fairies in her front yard with the help of her two grandchildren.


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Linda Koski started painting rocks in the likeness Ithaca staples, such as a TCAT bus and Gimme! Coffee about two or three weeks ago after she was inspired by her sister’s fairy garden in Penn Yan.

She found ideas for the garden on Pinterest and, before she could start making it, became inspired by her backyard.

“I just went out there to look at the rocks and I started seeing things,” she said. “I just started seeing things that look like Ithaca.”

She said her 12-year-old granddaughter Olivia Hendrickson and 9-year-old grandson Christian Hendrickson helped paint and color the wooden figurines in the garden and set up the rocks.

“The kids put everything out there where it would be,” she said.

Koski said she doesn’t get to see her grandchildren as often as she’d like to because they live in Newfield. She said the garden is an opportunity for them to bond.

They plan to extend the display around the side of her house and create a campground with retro-style campers in the next few weeks.

Her next addition to the Ithaca themed part of the garden will be an Ithaca City School District bus and an Ithaca Police Department cruiser, which she is already working on.

Here are some photos:

The TCAT bus took Linda Koski three to five hours to make.
Koski said she designed one rock like Gimme! Coffee.
Ithaca Farmers Market
She plans to add a campground with retro-themed campers on the side of her house.

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