Welcome to the quickest way to learn the week’s most exciting local events. This weekly event round-up is sponsored by The Ithaca Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Ithaca Skate Jam

As gnarly  as it sounds, join the sickest shredders from around the country as the City of Ithaca closes Buffalo and Quarry streets for a temporary downhill skate park. All skate levels welcome!
Date/time: May 9 9:00am-6:00pm
Location: Buffalo Street, Ithaca NY
Site: http://store.cometskateboards.com/skate-jam-early-registration-special/

Benefit My State

Not everyone is as cool as Ithaca, come out and help keep it that way! Local Favorites The Sim Redmond Band, The Blind Spots and The New York Rock. Huge silent auction, raffle prizes and a special VIP event all benefitting Ithaca’s State Theater.
Date/time: May 2 7:00pm
Location: The State Theater
Site: http://ithacaevents.com/event/9932

Swimming in the Shallows by Adam Bock

A brilliant comedy for five humans and one shark! Check out a great show at the Kitchen Theater this weekend.
Date/time: May 1-9 various show times
Location: Kitchen Theater
Site: https://www.ithacaevents.com/event/8405-swimming-in-the-shallows-by-adam-bock.html

Done to Death

A comedic murder mystery, this play is an ingenuous parody of every mystery plot, hero & villain created in the past 50 years.
Date/time: May 1-3 at 7:30pm Daily
Location: Boynton Middle School
Site: https://www.ithacaevents.com/event/10026-done-to-death.html

Trees Awake

Learn about “the science of appearance” in a series of walks on the Nature Center’s Tree Phenology Trail. Become a“citizen scientist” while observing the wildflowers blooming, the arrival of the first robin and trees leafing out after a long winter.
Date/time: May 2 & 9 1:00pm
Location: Cayuga Nature Center
Site: http://www.priweb.org/events.php?page=atthenaturecenter/nighthikes

Art for Breakfast

Make your weekend in Ithaca memorable! The inspirational natural art of Ryan B. Curtis will be gracing the dining halls of Amazing Grace B&B on Sunday morning, May 3, celebrating the long awaited arrival of  Spring here in Ithaca.
Date/time: May 3 8:30am
Location: Amazing Grace Bed & Breakfast
Site: https://www.ithacaevents.com/event/10061-art-for-breakfast.html

Cinco De Mayo con Cultura!

A celebration of food, culture and music! Bring your friends and family and celebrate the colorful holiday in Center Ithaca.
Date/time: May 3 1:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Greater Ithaca Activities Center
Site: https://www.ithacaevents.com/event/9991-cinco-de-mayo-con-cultura.html

Bruce Cockburn

Dan  Smalls presents: Bruce Cockburn, a Folk artist with a restless spirit! Enjoy this show at the intimate Hangar Theater and bring your dancing shoes!
Date/time: May 3 8:00pm
Location: Hangar Theater
Site: https://www.ithacaevents.com/event/9568-dan-smalls-presents-bruce-cockburn.html

Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting and Family Lives of Familiar Birds

You thought you knew everything about the love life of birds—until now. Explore the family lives of birds from courtship to the first flight by the young.
Date/time: May 4 7:25pm-9:00pm
Location: Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Site: https://www.ithacaevents.com/event/10025-into-the-nest-intimate-views-of-the-courting-parenting-and-family-lives-of-familiar-birds.html

Ithaca Gorges Half Marathon

Now is the time to register and start training! The Inaugural Ithaca Half Marathon is a whole new way to see the sheer beauty that is Ithaca, NY. Challenge yourself while rewarding your senses with the fresh smell of nature trails and the cool mist of the waterfalls.
Date/time: June 14 at 8:00am
Location: The Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce 904 East Shore Drive
Site: https://www.facebook.com/events/1517174715211571/

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