Photo courtesy of the "Subversive Malting and Brewing" Facebook page

Ithaca, N.Y. — A student start-up called “Subversive Malting and Brewing” won the Ithaca College Business Idea Competition this week.


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Started by IC seniors Zane Coffey, Max Ocean and Daniel Minogue, the start-up aims to produce a “pre-prohibition style malthouse” in the Hudson Valley, according to a news release.

The company has a business plan and produced beer samples, but will not be operational until after the students graduate, according to Brad Treat, an instructor at IC.

Photo courtesy of the “Subversive Malting and Brewing” Facebook page
Photo courtesy of the “Subversive Malting and Brewing” Facebook page

About the competition: The Subversive Malting and Brewing start-up won $20,000 at the competition to make its business plan a reality, according to a news release.

A total of $37,000 in prize money was awarded to six finalists, a news release says.

The competition was held at the Emerson Suites at IC on Tuesday.

The final judges for the competition were: Jerry Dietz, Owner CSP Management;  Lee Henderson, CEO of Vybion; and Tom Schryver, executive director, for the Center for Regional Economic Advancement at Cornell University.

Photo courtesy of Brad Treat

About the winner: The founders of the Subversive Malting and Brewing say that they hope to use locally sourced grains to make their product. That will separate it from the craft brewing industry, they say.

“A dirty little secret of the craft brewing industry is that most grains aren’t sourced locally; it is our mission to subvert that trend, and provide high quality malt for local brewers,” the company founders write on their Facebook page. “It’s always a great day to ‪#‎drinksubversive‬ and, as always‪#‎drinklocal‬.”

Other contestants: Other contestants in the business plan competition also won money. They were:

— $10,000 for OnSet

According to a news release, OnSet is a mobile app “that creates an integrated movie theater experience for moviegoers through social media engagement content and activities.”

— $5,000 for Fearwalk

Fearwalk is “an interactive haunting experience for thrill-seeking campers.”

— $500 Home Comfort Storage

“A service that combines on-site moving and packing services for nursing homes, assisted living centers, and 55+ communities to create a stress-free transition into the next stage of life.”

— $500 for InsertHeals

“Orthotics designed to reduce toe walking in children with autism that can also be used in sensory integration therapy to help decrease behavioral symptoms in children with autism, sensory processing disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”

— $500 Synergy Marketing

“An e-commerce oriented online ordering solution for restaurants that aims to enhance clients’ brand presence and simplify the purchasing process for customers.”

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