File photo of Rep. Reed, right, courtesy of his Facebook page

BIG FLATS, N.Y. — A small group of protesters sang a song of criticism at Rep. Tom Reed’s during the Ithaca area Congressman’s Town Hall meeting in Big Flats on Tuesday.


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Reed, who represents New York’s 23rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, listened patiently as the protesters criticized him for alleged ties to the natural gas industry and for supporting fracking.

Reed appeared at the Town Hall meeting in part to defend his “Defense of Property Act” — a bill that would compensate private landowners if their land is damaged or devalued by government action, according to

File photo of Rep. Reed, right, courtesy of his Facebook page

Here are some sample lyrics of “Ode to Reed,” set to the tune “Londonderry Air” (full video below):

“Oh Tommy Boy, the pipes we’d be installing …

Turn not ye back! An industry implores you

We long to frack, entitled so are we …

Oh, Tommy, put the axe to climatology

For cash we’ll gladly trash poor District 23

The video shows Reed thanking the protesters for their commitment to their beliefs and acknowledging that the two sides will have differences of opinion.

“I applaud the commitment to your position and I applaud that effort … because clearly that took some time to put together,” Reed said. “And I appreciate that input and obviously we’re going to disagree — and that’s fine.”

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Jeff Stein

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