ITHACA, N.Y. — Mayor Svante Myrick was endorsed by the City of Ithaca’s Democratic Committee on Thursday night.


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Myrick accepted the endorsement at Thursday night’s quarterly meeting of the Tompkins County Democratic Committee, according to a news release.

The mayor was first nominated by City of Ithaca Democratic Committee Chair Laura Lewis, a motion seconded by Ithaca Common Council member Seph Murtagh, the news release said.

Will Myrick face any competition?

This year’s election will take place on November 3.

It remains unclear if Myrick will face any competition in the race; four years ago, he defeated Pam Mackesey and J.R. Clairborne in a close primary race before also winning a contested general election.

On Friday, the Tompkins County Board of Elections that it was too soon to say if Myrick will face an opponent; the first due date for petitions, according to BOE officials, is in June.

Additionally, in an interview on Friday, Tompkins County Republican Vice-President Henry S. Kramer said he couldn’t confirm if the local GOP would run a candidate against Myrick.

“We’re still looking at that question; I can’t give you an answer to it yet,” Kramer said.

Janis Kelly, who ran against Myrick as a Republican four years ago and lost, has since expressed support for his policies.

“I think the mayor’s first three years have gone extremely well,” she said in an interview in January. “I think he has displayed a level of close analysis and careful and insightful decision making.”

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