Tracey Snyder's mother described her as an animal lover who owned five cats and two dogs.

NEWFIELD, N.Y. –Tracey Snyder, 31, was on the way to meet her mother and older brother for a barbecue on May 6 when, according to police, she swerved into oncoming traffic on Route 13/Elmira Road.


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The cause of the accident is still being determined by New York State Police investigators, leaving Snyder’s family to wonder how she crashed into three vehicles before dying.

Tracey Snyder was killed in Newfield crash Wednesday. (Provided photo)

Lavonne Willumson, Snyder’s mother, said her daughter bought the 2013 Ford Focus she was driving 10 days before the wreck.

Willumson said she wonders if the car malfunctioned because she’s read about recalls on 2013 Ford Focuses. (None of the recalls appear directly linked to steering problems.) Law enforcement have not disclosed the cause of the accident.

Willumson also said she and her son Timothy Snyder were waiting for her daughter and her fiance Gary “Jake” Macrabie to get to their home so they could go to Geneva State Park for a barbecue.

Timothy Snyder precooked chicken in the oven and began to eat it while they waited, joking that Tracey Snyder was perpetually late and must have stopped at the store.

Willumson got a call from an official but couldn’t hear the man clearly on the phone. While the official was talking to her son, she surmised that her daughter had died and started crying.

“I just lost it,” she said.

Willumson said her daughter was mentally disabled but lived a rich and full life.

“She wanted to buy a place to rescue lots of animals,” Willumson said.

Tracey Snyder owned five cats and two dogs. It was her ambition to save enough money to open an animal rescue center with her fiance, Willumson said.

Tracey Snyder’s mother described her as an animal lover who owned five cats and two dogs.
Tracey Snyder’s mother described her as an animal lover who owned five cats and two dogs.

She said Macrabie proposed to her daughter on Christmas day two years ago in front of Snyder’s entire family. They’d been dating eight years when he popped the question and her family suspected it would happen that day.

They caught the proposal on video and have photos of it. Williumson said she carries one of the photos in her wallet.

Macrabie was reported dead from his injuries in the crash Monday.

Tracey Snyder and her fiance Gary Macrabie were killed in a Newfield crash Wednesday.

Williumson said she’s trying to raise enough funds to bury her daughter. Tracey Snyder told her mother she wanted to be buried when they discussed the matter earlier this year.

She created a Gofundme page hoping to raise $6,000 to honor her daughter’s wishes.

If she raises enough money, she said she wants the funeral to be held at Snyder’s grandmother’s church near the village of Penn Yan.

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