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Cayuga Heights, N.Y. — The Village of Cayuga Heights’ accounting records are not reconciled to its bank statements and its the procurement policy is outdated, according to an audit released on April 3 by the New York Office of the State Comptroller.


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The procurement policy is set in place to govern the process of acquiring goods and services. The State Comptroller added that the current process “does not comply with the procedures outlined in the policy.”

The audit was conducted to ensure that the Village’s accounting records were current, complete and accurate and that purchases were “made in accordance with the procurement policy,” according to the Report of Examination compiled by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The State Comptroller examined the Village’s financial and purchasing records from June 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

In the Report of Examination, the State Comptroller states that the Board has been aware that the Village’s cash accounts have not been accurately reconciled since November 2011 when the Clerk-Treasurer took office. The State Comptroller also found that “these issues are still occurring and the accounting records are not properly reconciled to the bank statements.”

The State Comptroller recommends that the Board updates its procurement policy to meet the requirements of the law and aligns with procedures currently in place. It also recommends that the Board periodically reviews financial records to ensure that errors do not exist, as well as ensuring that accounting activity in the reconciliations matches the bank and accounting records.

The State Comptroller also recommended that the Clerk-Treasurer of the Village should receive additional training in the use of the Villages’ accounting software. Mayor Kate Supron’s response to the audit referred to this suggestion as an “unnecessary and objectionable statement” and that the Clerk-Treasurer is “fully competent” with the accounting and budgeting software that they use.

However, Supron did state that an update of the procurement policy was in process, and that the updated version will “reflect the Village’s current procedures and practices.”

“Sound financial operations will continue to maintain the Village of Cayuga Heights’ positive financial condition,” Mayor Kate Supron said.

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