Ithaca, N.Y. — There are several ongoing fundraising campaigns to help The Chapter House and residents of the buildings destroyed in a fire early Tuesday morning.


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Here’s our likely incomplete list … email me at if we missed one:

  • Fire recovery fund — GoFundMe. Writes the fundraiser: “A fellow Cornellian and friend, Can Bilir survived a terrible fire on Tuesday, April 14th. About 35 students lost their homes and all of their belongings. We are so thankful that he is safe. He was able to grab a wallet, jacket and shoes, while he lost rest of his belongings during the fire.

    He needs funds to repurchase clothing, household items, school supplies, food and other neccessities.”

  • “Help the Chapter House Rebuild” — GoFundMe. Writes the fundraiser: “Early this morning, The Chapter House was lost to a devastating fire.  This was so much more than a pub–it was an Ithaca institution. To countless regular customers and former students, it was a second home … I am a former bartender (~1998-2000) and a Cornell alum. The Chapter House paid a good part of my tuition. Many of the staff were the same folks who ran the place almost 20 years ago, and this was their livelihood. This is a crushing loss for them, and a truly sad day for many generations of people who created incredible memories beneath those mugs.”
  • “Quick & Dirtie Fundraiser for the Chappie Staff” — Event at Lot 10 at 5 p.m. Ithaca’s service community (past and present) will always take care of its own. Certainly there will be something more substantial down the line, but in the immediate, there will be a fundraiser to help out Chapter House staffers this Friday at Lot 10. “Bandwagon Brew Pub and Bacchus Brewing Company have donated kegs and all sales of those beers will go to the Chappie staff.”
  • The Cornell Mortar Board is holding a drive from April 15 through April 17 to collect clothing and cash donations for the displaced students. The group has also started a GoFundMe campaign. “We will have tables set up to collect goods that people would like to give to the affected students,” said one of the organizers, Zander Liem. “The money raised will either go to the Student Assembly fund set up for the students or directly to the students.” The drive will be held from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on all three days on Ho Plaza.
  • A GoFundMe campaign that went live this afternoon has raised more than one-fifth of its goal in three hours. The campaign is seeking funds to help student Savannah Kramer repurchase clothing, school supplies, food. Emily Shapiro organized the campaign for her Phi Mu sorority sister. “The money raised in the GoFundMe will be given directly to Savannah,” Shapiro said. “We are hoping to raise enough money for her that there will be excess to help out other victims of the fire, especially her roommates, who are close friends of hers.” “The money raised in the GoFundMe will be given directly to Savannah. We are hoping to raise enough money for her that there will be excess to help out other victims of the fire, especially her roommates whom are close friends of hers.”
  • Show Your Love For The Chapter House Staff  “They’ve served us drinks, brought us live music, provoked conversations, made us laugh, fed our bellies with popcorn & our minds with trivia — and built a special place that felt like home. Now they need our help.
    We, their friends, have set this fund up on their behalf. The contributions you give will go directly to them to help offset the loss of their income. “
  • Cornell University’s Dining Services and the Cornell Store are supplying food and clothing for these students. The college is also providing temporary housing.
  • The Ithaca Red Cross is providing blankets and vouchers for other supplies.
  • Local landlord John Novarr will be giving some of the displaced students furnished apartments for the remainder of the semester. 35 students were displaced.

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