Ithaca, N.Y. – A food trailer that serves sushi in the form of a burrito opened yesterday on Cornell’s North Campus.

“That’s How I Roll,” owned and operated by New York City-native Woepa Zegid, is parked directly next to the historic Louie’s food truck across the street from Cornell’s Risley Hall.


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A sushi burrito is an oversized sushi roll, filled with ingredients ranging from asparagus to shrimp to cream cheese, that is served in a “to-go” style.

“You can grab it and walk around with it,” said Zegid, 26, who has had the idea to open a sushi burrito joint in Ithaca for a few years. “I always wanted to do it in campus, or in the Collegetown area.”

Sushi burrito restaurants, which Zegid said are popular in California, aren’t common in New York State. “I think there’s only one place in [New York City] that does sushi burritos.”

But why not just sushi? Or not just burritos?

“Everybody likes burritos — who doesn’t like burritos?” he said. “You mix it with sushi, and it’s like a healthy burrito.”

The trailer is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, according to Zegid.

Directly next door to the new store is Louie’s Lunch — a North Campus staple. The introduction of new competition just feet away was surprising for Andrew Kerr, an employee at Louie’s.

“They just pulled up yesterday,” Kerr said. “I had no idea they were coming.”

“Competition is, you know, competition. I wasn’t happy to see it right next to us, but it is what it is,” he added.

Some Cornell students that posted on Facebook were skeptical about buying fish products from a trailer.

Zegid responded by saying that people can easily be skeptical about purchasing what is perceived as a “high-quality” food from a roadside establishment, but in the end, his store “keep[s] it fresh.”

“Sushi used to be — a long time ago — not really like a high-class food.” Now, he said, “it’s like a big thing.”

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