AWP is seeking one innovative non-profit making a positive impact in our community. Apply today for the opportunity to work (for free!) with our summer intern team to refine, rework, or design your organization’s brand and marketing materials (website, print materials, business cards, packaging… )


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Why I Shop Downtown

This is our third year running this program, and it’s been a wildly fun, win-win-win situation. Interns have a great opportunity for some real-world experience and to have their names on a real-world project, a great non-profit receives a professional-caliber project without the cost, and we get to meet and learn from the next generation of design professionals.

Last summer our intern team worked with Fairleaf, a national non-profit selling moringa products to promote nutrition and reforestation in Nicaragua. The team worked with the clients to develop a strong brand, brand guide, marketing strategy, new ecommerce website, and redesigned packaging. In 2013, our interns worked with local non-profit Ithaca Community Harvest to produce a versatile visual identity system and responsive website, strengthening their own professional experience while supporting healthy food opportunities in our community.

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In addition, we’re still seeking applications for interns to join the summer team. If you know of a stand-out student pursuing a degree in marketing, design, or development, please direct them to Students must receive credit from their institution to participate in the internship program.

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.