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Editor’s Note: This story was updated at 7 p.m. to reflect new remarks by Common Council member Cynthia Brock, who originally declined to comment. The new section is in bold.

Ithaca, N.Y. — Eight of the 10 members of the Ithaca Common Council say they support Mayor Svante Myrick’s reelection bid.

Myrick announced Tuesday that he would be seeking a second term as the city’s mayor.

He appears to enjoy healthy support among the Ithaca Common Council. All but one Council member reached for comment by the Ithaca Voice on Tuesday expressed support for the mayor’s reelection bid.

That council member, Cynthia Brock, declined to comment. Update 7 p.m. — Brock has decided to comment; her statement, which does not explicitly endorse or oppose Myrick, is republished below.

(Brock has been at odds with the mayor over several issues, including the Cascadilla Boat Club and the Stone Quarry Apartments.)

A second Council member, JR Clairborne, did not immediately return a request for comment. (Clairborne ran against Myrick for mayor in 2011 and lost.)

We also talked to Ithaca Police Chief John Barber, who isn’t allowed to endorse a candidate but said he enjoys an “excellent” working relationship with the mayor.

Council endorsements

8 Ithaca Common Council members said in interviews on Tuesday that they support Myrick’s second term.

Here are the results of our interviews, organized by ward:

George McGonigal (1st Ward) —

“I plan on supporting him yes. We don’t agree on everything but I think he’s a good man and I’m going to support.”

Cynthia Brock (1st Ward) —

Update: New remarks from Cynthia Brock added at around 7 p.m.

Council member Cynthia Brock says in a statement, “These next four years are going to be challenging, with a rapidly growing population in the city, massive infrastructure demands and limited financial and staffing resources.”

“I’ll continue to press for open and transparent processes and improved management of public services and facilities. Mayor Myrick has worked to bring dramatic change at a rapid pace. I think he knows that I will continue to ask pointed and critical questions no matter who is sitting in the Mayor’s seat.”

JR Clairborne (2nd Ward) — 

Clairborne did not immediately return request for comment. We will add an update if and when he responds.

Seph Murtagh, in an email (2nd Ward) — 

“He’s a good friend and I count myself as a big supporter. When he told me he was running for Mayor four years ago, it seemed crazy, like a pipedream.”

“But I supported him then and of course I will support him now. We’ve worked closely together on a number of issues over the last few years, and over time I have come to have even more respect for his leadership skills. It takes someone really special to be able to communicate a vision and bring people together like he has.”

Donna Fleming (3rd Ward) —

“I think he’s been great. He’s got high energy, has good ideas and a good sense of humor.” … “I think he’s been a great mayor and I like him personally as well.”

Ellen McCollister (3rd Ward) —

“I’m glad he decided to do this.”

McCollister says that it’ll be important for the mayor to see many of his major projects through to fruition, citing downtown development and the sidewalk improvement district.

“So I think having a bit more time to see how these things play out is much better” than leaving.

Graham Kerslick (4th Ward) —

“I think he’s done a very good job and I would support his reelection.”

Stephen Smith (4th Ward) —

“Svante is well known for being a young mayor with big vision. Looking beyond the novelty, you see him making a lot of tough choices. He does what’s right, not what’s easy, and that’s been great for our little city. Also, he’s not even really that young anymore.”

Deb Mohlenhoff (5th Ward) —

“Yes, yes, yes. I think you’ll find most of Council supportive, but my answer is: Yes, for sure.”

Josephine Martell (5th Ward) —

“I was pleased to hear that he is going to run again.”

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