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Ithaca, N.Y. — A speeding charge has been filed against the driver of the truck in the Simeon’s crash from last summer.


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Previously, Viacheslav Grychanyi had been only charged with having a defective brake, having an over-length vehicle and having an “over-length vehicle combo,” another traffic violation, according to Ithaca City Court Chief Clerk Ronna J. Collins.

On Feb. 18, Grychanyi was also ticketed with “unreasonable speed,” according to Collins. Collins confirmed the fourth charge against Grychanyi on Monday.

Grychanyi was operating a truck with a “stinger-steered car carrier unit” attached to it and failed to reduce his speed upon approaching the hill leading to the Commons, according to court records.

The New York State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit found that Grychanyi’s speed was above 45 mph, records say.

Here’s the most recent charge filed against Grychanyi:

Meanwhile, both judges in Ithaca City Court have been recused in the case. One judge, Rick Wallace, was recused because his previous law firm represents the estate of Amanda Bush, the woman who was killed in the crash.

Judge Scott Miller, the other city court judge, belonged to a law firm that represented Simeon’s, according to Collins.

The current status of the case is unclear: It will be transferred to Tompkins County Court and reassigned, Collins said.

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