Editor’s Note: This column was written in response to a guest submission by Rep. Tom Reed, the Ithaca area’s Congressman, that was published in the Ithaca Voice on Monday.

The column below was written by Barbara Coyle, an Ithaca resident who has written previously on the dangers of fracking. 

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This is in response to Congressman Reed’s recent opinion column in the IthacaVoice.

1) Congressman’s Reed is not seriously representing the majority of the people in Ithaca as your title suggests. His blatant derision of Ithaca during the last election cycle showed his cards in regards to “representing” Ithaca seriously.

2) Reed’s arguments in favor of high volume slick water hydrofracking read as if they were written by the oil and gas industry. Perhaps they were. Any serious analysis of Pennsylvania’s experience with fracking over the last 10 years would result in a perfect example of boom to bust scenario. Landmen promising the moon only to deliver diminishing royalties, toxic wastewater holding ponds, damaged roads, spills, contaminated aquifers, poisoned water & air and short term jobs that mostly went to out of state industry workers. Not to mention increases in violent, sexual assault and drug crimes.

3) NY State could have joined the race to frack it’s shale with toxic chemicals years ago as Reed suggests. Instead our Governors during this period wisely decided to hold the moratorium until there was sufficient peer reviewed science available to base this decision. Governor Cuomo and his Health Department looked at that science and issued the ban. Good for them.

4) Pennsylvania has become the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the shale region. The canary is sick. Reed is after fools gold with his proposed Defense of Property Act. The Oil and Gas Industry lies and lies again to get you to sign over your grandchildren’s health and welfare. New York is on the brink of a renewable energy renaissance. Let’s get behind supporting a clean and green revolution in New York for our children’s sake. Congressman Reed – being from a political party that dismisses science and derides scientists – might have a hard time with this. But the people of Ithaca are willing and ready.

— Barbara Coyle (37 year resdient of Bradford County PA)

Ithaca NY 14850

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.