Ithaca, N.Y. — Fine Line Bistro, a popular downtown Ithaca restaurant, is currently up for sale.


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The asking price is $100,000, according to the restaurant’s posting on

Around since 2008, the upscale restaurant at 404 West State Street in Ithaca has been a staple of the Ithaca foodie scene since.

Fine Line Bistro is looking to sell the eatery to someone who wants to preserve it, according to Emily Doyle, wife of general manager and owner Danny Doyle.

But Emily Doyle acknowledged that the restaurant could also be bought by someone who wants to put something else entirely in the location.

“Sure, it could close,” she said.

Courtesy of Fine Line Bistro’s Facebook page
Courtesy of Fine Line Bistro’s Facebook page

Emily Doyle said Danny Doyle was hoping to spend more time with his family and children and that the restaurant business has proved very taxing.

“In order to run the business, for how it has to be run, he has to be there every single day,” she said. “If you ask Danny, he would tell you, ‘It’s a young man’s game.’”

Over the years, Fine Line Bistro has been the recipient of numerous accolades. In 2013, Fine Line Chef Seth Gregory was named The Ithaca Times’ “best chef” of Ithaca.

“Heaven sends us good meat, the devil sends us cooks,” Fine Line Bistro’s website states.

Emily Doyle said friends and family had been both saddened by the news that Fine Line Bistro is for sale and understanding.

“There’s a lot of disappointment, but no one questions the idea that us putting our family first is a good idea,” she said. “Always being on call just isn’t sustainable for a family.”

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