Ithaca, N.Y. — The Cornell Graduate Association of Chemistry has synthesized a remarkable new compound.


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In a YouTube video released on Saturday, the Cornell chemists cover Taylor Swift’s music video “Shake It Off” with new lyrics, new dance moves and — naturally — new references to “bicarbonate …. -ate, -ate, -ate.”

Here’s the video:

What’s our favorite verse? There are so many good ones to choose from.

This one probably tops the list, though:

“My PI wants this new compound
I’m like ‘Oh my god!’ It means I have to shake
And to my labmate over there with clean glassware
Let me borrow some, maybe? Let me shake, shake, shake”

Although this one is also great:

“Although it’s time-consuming
The voice of my advisor
In my mind, saying ‘I need it by tonight!’
Cause I want to separate -ate, -ate, -ate, -ate...”

The YouTube video also lists the people involved in the production, which seems worth including here:

directed by Johan Grimm
produced by Jessica Lamb & Jennifer Novotney
associate producers Cathy DeBlase & Kristina Hugar
choreographed by Ryan Bisbey & Jessica Lamb
crewed by Estella Yee, Sarah Nathan, Andrew Hinds & Carmella Calbrese
art by Ace Santiago

No word yet if they’ve heard from a recording studio, but we’ll provide updates if they do.

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Jeff Stein

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