Courtesy of Modest Mouse's Facebook page

Ithaca, N.Y. — Indie rockers Modest Mouse will be playing a show at Cornell University’s Barton Hall on April 19, according to the band’s website.

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The musicians behind hits likes “Float On” and “Ocean Breaths Salty” will also be playing April 17 in Buffalo.

Courtesy of Modest Mouse’s Facebook page

Dan Smalls Presents is putting on the performance in conjunction with the Cornell Concert Commission.

Here’s what DSP posted on Facebook today:

In case you morning birds missed it last night:

We are SO EXCITED to bring you Modest Mouse at Barton Hall on the campus of Cornell University in partnership with Cornell Concert Commission!!

The show is on 4/19 and student tickets go on sale for $20 this THURSDAY at 9, so get ready! smile emoticon

Tickets go on sale to the public for $40 THIS FRIDAY at 9, but don’t worry… we saved plenty for you!

Here’s some background about Modest Mouse, via Pitchfork:

From the start, Modest Mouse were instantly recognizable: Judy’s ropy bass and Green’s drumming, heaving from a caveman bash to a disco skip, are indispensable to the rangy, volatile sound.

But it’s the guitars that really define it, so strange and particular—Brock’s hearty riffs, string bends, harmonics, and whammy-bar tremolo push up toward trebly extremes of panicked intensity.

The songs break down into wheezes and coughs as the band pounds the ends of bars until they curl up like sheet metal. 

The announcement was greeted with a flurry of celebration on social media Tuesday morning.

A representative sampling:

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