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Trumansburg, N.Y. — Officials and police are continuing to investigate who left a dead deer with an “alarming note” on it at a Trumansburg school last week.

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The note said, “In God we trust. This is just the beginning,” according to Superintendent Michael McGuire.

McGuire sent a message and posted the following to the school’s website:

Dear Trumansburg Central School District Community and Families,

Because we still do not know the identity of those responsible for the incident in our High School parking lot last week, we will be providing a police presence on campus this week. If you have any information that would help us identify those responsible, please contact the my office at (607)387-7551, ext. 4421.

Best Regards,
Michael McGuire
Superintendent, Trumansburg Central School District

For background, see The Voice’s previous reporting: Deer carcass found at Trumansburg school had bullet in it, superintendent says

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