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Learn how Ithaca Hummus makes its magic

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Just on the heels of the Ithaca visitors bureau making national headlines with a tongue-in-cheek web prank suggesting would-be tourists should visit Florida instead, Ithaca’s harsh winter is back in the limelight thanks to The Onion.

College Freshman From Florida Has Never Seen People Complain About Snow For 5 Months Before,” reads the headline, over a stock photo of a college student.

The article goes on to quote a fictional Ithaca College freshman from Florida who says, “Growing up in Sarasota, of course there was never any incessant whining about snow, so I was completely amazed when I saw that first person go on and on for months on end about how annoying the snow was.”

The story goes on:

“It’s remarkable—I just can’t believe the bitching continues this long every year. I’m still stunned every time I look around and see all of it.”

Despite her astonishment, Sherman said she couldn’t wait to return home over break and get back to her more familiar year-round gripes about the heat and humidity

Ithaca College has already moved past winter by hosting what they call “Speedos in February,” otherwise known as the Big East Swimming & Diving Championships.

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Jeff Stein

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