Ithaca, N.Y. — Earlier this week, we published a story by Ithaca Voice writer Brian Crandall on the snowstorm of 1993 — a major disruptive event that dumped over 15 inches of snow on Ithaca and forced Cornell to close.

We also asked readers to weigh in on our Facebook page with their memories from the storm. That generated over 70 comments — and some excellent stories.

Here were 10 of our favorites:

“With all roads in the county closed to traffic, Buffalo Street was turned into a toboggan run for a while day and night. What I remember most was the extraordinary quiet, as people skied or snowshoed around downtown.”

— Scott Whitham

“I was 10, and it was awesome! I remember helping to shovel my aunt’s driveway and the snow being as tall as me in places. I don’t recall having snow like that since then.”

— Rachael Dobšovičová

“I remember sledding down Schuyler Place and onto Seneca St during the storm when the roads were closed and at one point having to avoid a car that was on Seneca Way where they come together at the bottom of the hill.

After the storm was over I snowshoed along the tops of the huge snowbanks that had been built up by the side of the street and I was up high enough that I was looking down at traffic. At one point I was standing on a corner and an Ithaca Transit bus stopped by me. I was confused when the driver asked if I was getting on or not and then realized that I was standing above where a bus stop was. The top of the “IT” sign barely poked out of the snow by a couple inches right next to me.

— Scott McCasland

“Three feet of snow falling in one day and opening the only door “in” to shovel out with a cookie sheet to get let the dog outside.”

— Swenson Book Development LLC

“I remember flying out to Key West, Florida (for the winter) the day after the storm!”

— Peggy Firenze-Slattery

“Our Brazilian exchange student had never seen snow until that winter. the 93 storm had the guys shoveling snow off the back roof, then the boys would jump off roof into 7-8 foot snow pile. So did I ever tell you about skating, Leonardo called it “walking on water”.”

— Nancy Stage McKittrick

“I remember that the day before was a beautiful, sunny day, and as I was driving home, the emergency broadcasting system came on, and for the first time in my life, it said, “This is NOT a test.”

— Barb Neal

“I recall building huge tunnels along the side of the road (dangerous kids!) the piles must of been almost 10 feet tall to me at that age anyway. Jumping out of friends window onto a sled is an odd memory that comes to mind.

Can’t forget about those fishing and catching carp in the Kmart parking lot!”

— Michael Bell

“Thirty-nine inches of snow falling as I returned from the Ithaca airport (a FF class), then running an EMS call to Ithaca and back.

Then, later that night, a number of us camped out upstairs at the Groton Fire Department (Station #1 ) to cover calls.

Got an EMS call up on Sovocool Hill during the night, and the town plow truck led the ambulance and rescue up the hill. A bunch of FF’s shoveling a path to the door. The patient signed off, only to call again a couple of hours later for the same problem. Off we go again and then to Cortland, The town highway truck plowed us a path all the way there and back.”

— Jay Homeh

“I remember young people taking mattresses and sledding down Buffalo St. to see how far they could go. The city was shut down and we cross-country skied all over town. It was like a winter neighborhood party.”

— Monroe Mishawaka

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.