From Ithaca Chief of Staff Kevin Sutherland:

“South Aurora Street is once again open to traffic after a water main break caused flooding near the intersection of Aurora and Prospect. A dozen properties  on the 100 block of Prospect and Spencer, and the 200 block of Pleasant required assistance from the Ithaca Fire Department to pump water from basements. Public Works continues to work to clear ice from the street and sidewalks.”

Earlier —

Ithaca, N.Y. — A water main break has flooded basements in Ithaca’s South Hill Sunday morning, according to the Tompkins County 911 Dispatch Center.

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Emergency personnel have been called to the 100 block of Prospect Street.

Dispatchers advise commuters should try avoiding “the whole area:” Prospect, Columbia, Aurora and Pleasant Streets.

“It’s probably good to stay away from that area for now,” dispatchers said.

Among the agencies called to the scene: Ithaca fire, Ithaca police and DPW.

Added the mayor on Facebook:

Early this morning there was a water main break at S. Aurora and Pleasant St.
If you can, avoid the area.
Basements have flooded on Pleasant St.
We’re having to shut down utilities in at least one property because water has gotten to the furnace.
Emergency services are on the scene. More updates to come.

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