Law enforcement responded to the house of Charlie Tan 18 times over 13 years before the killing that left Tan’s father dead, according to a report out today in WHAM 13.

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Tan, 19, was charged with second-degree murder after law enforcement found his father’s body in their Pittsford home in early February.

Tan was enrolled as a sophomore at Cornell University at the time of the killing. He is accused of shooting his father with a shotgun.

Tan’s attorney has said that there was a history of domestic abuse in the home. “We’re doing our own investigation, but one thing that’s certainly clear is a history of domestic violence in that home for more than twenty years,” James Nobles said about 10 days ago in a statement to WHAM.

Since his arrest, Tan’s friends have rallied to his side, raising tens of thousands of dollars for his legal defense. “He has been a strong, supportive, friendly member of the Pittsford Community and it is our turn to give back to him,” Anna Valentine wrote on Tan’s fundraising page.

Much of the support for Tan appears centered around the statements made by his defense attorneys about domestic violence in the home.

WHAM reported today that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies was called to Tan’s home twice in the two weeks before the shooting, including once just four days beforehand.

WHAM added:

“The reasons behind the most of the 911 calls are blacked out in the documents. That information has been sealed for privacy reasons and because of the on-going investigation.

‘I can tell you it was choking, beating, it was mental, verbal as well,” said defense attorney Brian DeCarolis …”We’ve seen police reports that document those types of things and threats.’”

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Jeff Stein

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