UFC champion fighter Jon Jones has tested positive for drug use and entered a drug treatment facility, according to national media reports.

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Says Yahoo! News:

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones announced Tuesday that he has entered a drug treatment facility.  

The announcement came just days after Jones defeated Daniel Cormier on Saturday in the main event of UFC 182 at the MGM Grand Garden in a five-round decision that left many considering him as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all time.

Jones lives in Ithaca and has ties to the Southern Tier. Jones was born in Rochester.

Here’s Fox News Sports on today’s sad news:

In a shocking move just days after his title fight win at UFC 182, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has entered a drug treatment facility after a pre-fight test given Thursday came back positive for benzoylecgonine, a metabolite found in cocaine that can be detected in urine.

… Jones fought Saturday night and defeated Daniel Cormier by unanimous decision in his eighth consecutive title defense.

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