Ithaca, N.Y. — The Ithaca YMCA is building a 1,400 sq ft gym addition thanks to a gift from BorgWarner, the YMCA announced in a statement this week.

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The YMCA hopes to complete the addition in February.

A YMCA event to be held next Tuesday will unveil the gym equipment. A press release from the facility — at 50 Graham Road West in Ithaca, by the mall — included the following images of its new “Octagon” gym equipment:

Here’s the rest of the YMCA press release:

The gym addition will include “Functional Training Equipment” from Escape, a European based company. The “Functional Training Equipment” concept is focused on juniors, special needs, seniors and women in a weight room setting. The training can be done with an instructor in groups of 6 to 12 people working out as a team. The training uses the equipment in conjunction with your own body weight to improve workouts, increase agility and endurance. The equipment is colorful, diverse and inviting for users of all ages and abilities.  The gym and the “Functional Training Equipment” is designed to create a welcoming environment and most important provide for a fun workout.  

An existing storage area will be converted into the training center with anticipated completion February 2015.

BorgWarner and the Ithaca YMCA have shared a long running collaborative relationship dating back to the support of scholarships for the community to be a part of the Y programs.  The YMCA provides scholarships for financially challenged community members that may not otherwise be able to afford a wellness program, swimming lessons, or a basketball league at the YMCA.  The BorgWarner relationship continued after the downtown Y was destroyed by fire in 1979. BorgWarner supported the development of the present location on 50 Graham Rd. West and in 2000, helped in the development of the present college size gymnasium used for the basketball, badminton, volleyball, soccer, afterschool, dances and all the traditional activities of a gym.

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