Ithaca Is Cold. Photo courtesy of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance

Ithaca, N.Y. – This week in Ithaca, mittens are a must, a hat is essential, and boots are indispensable.

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Ithacans this week can expect a city caked in snow and bitterly cold teperatures. The warmest day of the week comes at the conclusion — Friday’s high is just 22 degrees.

The snow will be worse further north. Tonight, the City of Syracuse and surrounding areas can expect snowfall “ranging from 1 to 2 feet in some areas north of the Thruway to a dusting to 3 inches south and east,” according to the National Weather Service.

Ithaca Is Cold. Photo courtesy of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance

This week’s forecast for Ithaca:

Tonight: The National Weather Service reports a 20% chance of light snow, with a low temperature of 14 degrees.

TuesdayThe NWS reports an 80% chance of light snow, accompanied by a high temperature of 21 degrees. The NWS also reports a 60% chance for light snow that evening, with a low temperature of 13 degrees.

WednesdayThe NWS says that snow in Ithaca is “likely” — a 70% chance — with a frigid 14 degree high temperature. That evening, temperatures will get as low as 2 degrees, with a 30% chance of snow.

ThursdayMostly cloudy, and absolutely cold — the NWS reports a high temperature of 18 degrees. In the evening, a 12 degree low temperature is accompanied by a 40% chance for snow.

FridaySadly, the warmest day of the week means that high temperatures will top out at 22 degrees, according to the NWS, but don’t expect to see too much of the Sun — the NWS also says Friday will be mostly cloudy.

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