A newspaper clipping kept by the family. Zerrillo's mother and step-father hung a sign after the crash asking for help.

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Meet Andre: TCAT’s Youngest Spokesperson

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1 — Without warning, son told about dad’s killing decades later

Phil Zerrillo, right, with baby Phil Zerrillo II, and mother Jennifer Hogan, left.

2 — We have a problem: Money in Ithaca is pooling at the top

3 — Cornell student dies in car accident on Route 96

4 — Speaker of NY Assembly charged with corruption; Ithaca official urges patience

Silver, center

5 — A profile of an Ithaca institution that helps the city gov. function

Julie Holcomb in City Hall on Wednesday (Jeff Stein/IthacaVoice)

6 — A former Cornell student faces rape, sexual abuse and burglary charges

Peter Mesko in court Wednesday

7 — Dog shooter sentenced to time in jail over plea for leniency


8 — Chalk one up for the Big Red!

9 — Congrats, Jason!

Jason Trumble

10 — Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

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