Everyone in Ithaca right now

Update Wednesday morning: A few readers have pointed out that there’s a wide variation in temperatures in Antarctica and that, therefore, there are parts of it colder than Ithaca. Fair enough.

Ithaca, N.Y. — Temperatures have plunged in Ithaca to -7 degrees Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

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It’s going to get even colder as we get into tonight, the NWS says.

The Tompkins County 911 Dispatch Center says it has not been dealing with any problems related to the deep freeze.

According to WX-Now.com, there’s only one place in the mainland United States with colder temperatures tonight than upstate NY: Houlton, Maine, which is facing 14 degree weather.

Artist rendering of everyone in Ithaca right now.

From the NWS briefing:

“Temperatures have started to drop again and should bottom out late tonight mostly between 10 below and 5 above zero across northeast PA and central NY.:

“It will be even colder in the Mohawk Vally in NY (and points further northeast). Low temperatures will not be close to record breaking as we are nearing the normally coldest time of the year.”

“High pressure will remain in control into Thursday giving us dry weather and sunshine. In addition, we are gaining one to two minutes of daylight per day.”

Here’s a comparison with some of the coldest places around the world:

Summit of Mount Washington: 10 degrees

Fairbanks, Alaska: 32 degrees

The McMurdo Station in Antarctica: 23 degrees

Moscow, Russia: 32 degrees

International Falls, Minnesota: 14 degrees

Winnipeg, Canada: 5 degrees

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite: -148 degrees

Pelly Bay (an Arctic waterway in the “Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada”): -33 degrees

Mars: -70 degrees (a high … but still!)

And your forecast for the rest of the week:

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