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Snowfall in the Ithaca area Tuesday morning has topped four inches, according to reports from Ithaca Voice readers.

Citing National Weather Service forecasts, we reported that less than one inches were expected and that the snow would let up around 9 a.m.

However, at least three people said on Facebook Tuesday morning that they’d measured upwards of four or five inches of snow in Tompkins County. The snow was still coming down around 9:30 a.m.

The weather service also sent an updated announcement noting that heavy bands of snow would be possible in southern Tompkins County:

Check back for updates as we continue to track this storm.

Earlier —

Ithaca, N.Y. — A light snowfall in Ithaca is expected to end by 9 a.m., according to forecasters.

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The National Weather Service was predicting total accumulations of less than an inch, though we appear to have gotten at least that much. (Some Facebook readers put their measurements at 4 inches of snow or higher.) Either way, it was expected to be over early this morning.

“Snow ending by 9am. Mostly cloudy with temperatures steady near the mid 20s. Snowfall of less than half an inch through 1:30pm,” a report in Weather.com for the Ithaca area says.

A “hazardous weather outlook” warning was issued by the National Weather Service for Tompkins County. Emergency dispatchers said there had been a few minor accidents and fender benders on Tompkins roadways but nothing serious.

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Here’s the rest of your forecast for the week, which looks cold but fairly clear:

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