Nine protesters dressed as Santa Claus, Ms. Claus and 7 elves were arrested in ongoing protests at the natural gas facility Crestwood on Monday.

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“They arrested Santa and his elves!,” a statement from the protesters said.

There have now been 170 arrests in the civil disobedience campaign, according to the protesters.

Here is a video of the protest released yesterday:

You can read more about the ongoing protests at the links below. Six of the 9 arrested yesterday are Tompkins County residents. They are: Jean Olivett, 68; Hope Rainbow, 24; Gabriel Shapiro, 18; Bill Carini, 53; Chrys Gardener, 53; and Charlotte Senders, 18.

The other three protesters arrested yesterday were Kim Cunningham, 58, of Ontario County; Ilona Marmer, 68, of Schuyler County; and Stefan Senders, 55, of Schuyler County. Senders is also well-known in the Ithaca area in part for founding the Wide Awake Bakery.

Some photos:

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.