Ithaca, N.Y. — Every student in the Ithaca City School District from Kindergarten through 3rd grade will get a school-issued iPad as part of an ICSD technology initiative, Superintendent of Schools Luvelle Brown said in an a school newsletter released Thursday.

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Additionally, every student grades 4 through 12 will have a Chromebook, according to the superintendent.

“No new funding will be needed as we will be able to provide this low cost and popular technology tool to our learners,” Brown said in the newsletter.

In a Q&A on the school’s website, Brown suggests that ICSD will be able to manage the devices through its “Google Apps for Education” account.

“As such, the school can pre­install web­ applications as well as block specific web ­applications from a centralized management console,” he writes.

The “1:1: Chromebook initiative” will begin in Fall of 2015 and take time to be phased in, the superintendent says.

Brown, who has earned national recognition for his focus on technology in schools, says in the Q&A that Google Apps’ education suite will promote “self-directed and collaborative learning.”

“Chromebooks are an affordable alternative to laptops or tablets that allow students access to the Internet and the Google Apps suite,” Brown says.

“Over the past several years they have had tremendous adoption rates in K-12 education and have proven to be an effective instructional tool. In addition, Chromebooks are sustainable, easy to manage and low-cost.”

Here’s Brown’s letter, published in the December issue of ICSD’s “Insider:”

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.