Ithaca, N.Y. — A comedian and correspondent on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” will be giving a performance at Cornell on Jan. 30, according to the Zachary Zahos of the Cornell University Program Board.

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Jessica Williams, 25, became The Daily Show’s youngest ever correspondent when she joined the show in 2012.

Tickets for the general public — $10 each — go on sale Wednesday, Dec. 10, Zahos said. Williams will be performing in the Statler Auditorium.

Here’s what Zahos had to say about Williams:

Jessica focuses on the little non-events of everyday life that reinforce discrimination and bias.

Her Daily Show piece on catcalling, where she films herself being harassed and interviews dozens of women who have suffered the same, is a perfect encapsulation of her brilliance, taking a charged issue most people don’t want to talk about and bringing it to the foreground through playful humor and a journalistic allegiance to facts and evidence.

Her voice is a needed one right now, and her show here in January should inform as much as entertain.

And a quick round-up of some of Williams’ performances/sketches:

Tickets for Cornell students go on sale Tuesday, Zahos said.

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