Ithaca, N.Y. — Cornell has been named the number one school for securing “future earnings,” according to a new set of rankings released by the national publication The Daily Beast last month.

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Cornell was listed as the seventh top university overall, finishing ahead of Brown, the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth. That’s much better than the university typically does in similar rankings released by the US News & World Report and others.

The approximate reaction of fictional Cornell alumnus Andy Bernard from NBC sitcom “The Office” to news of the rankings.

The rankings can be seen in full here. They were highlighted on the university’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

The Daily Beast, which is owned by Newsweek, says it “used data from The National Center for Education Statistics, as well as private organizations like PayScale, for salary data, and Niche, for student opinions,” for the rankings.

Here’s how Cornell stacked up in each category (also, #2 in Athletics? Huh?):

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Jeff Stein

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