Ithaca, N.Y. — To make it onto the Lynah Rink ice, you need size, determination and tenacity.

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A giant Teddy Bear had all three traits — and the boost of a group of dogged Cornell students — as it cleared, just bearly (haw-haw), the glass during the annual Teddy Bear Toss for the Cops, Kids and Toys program.

The now viral video, courtesy of the Cornell Athletics Department, from the men’s hockey team’s loss to Denver this weekend:

At least one Cornell student was taken by surprise by the stuffed toy.

“There was a giant bear, and when I looked behind me it was coming right toward my seat,” said Andrew Distler, a Cornell student at the game.

WHCU says Cornell player Christian Hilbrich threw his stick over the glass, giving the students the tool they needed to complete the push.

The story was picked up by DeadSpin, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated and other national media outlets.

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Jeff Stein

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