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Candor, N.Y. — A man from Tompkins County appears to have been killed by a single blow to the head outside a bar in Tioga County on Christmas Eve, according to Senior Investigator Wayne Moulton of the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office.

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Daryl S. Dayhart, 56, of Brooktondale, died after falling to the ground around 10:20 p.m. on Wednesday outside Punk’s Place Bar at 21 Mill Street in the village of Candor.


Ronald A. Warner Jr., 39, of 111 Ithaca Road in Candor, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter for “recklessly causing” Dayhart’s death, according to law enforcement.

Authorities believe Warner and Dayhart were friends, according to Senior Investigator Moulton.

Moulton said it’s unclear why Warner would have hit Dayhart or what caused the altercation. It’s also unclear, according to Moulton, exactly how Warner delivered the blow that took Dayhart’s life.

“We’re uncertain if it was closed-fist,” Moulton said of the blow.

Moulton did say that authorities have witnesses to the incident. Additionally, citing a forensic examiner’s report, Moulton said Dayhart’s death was caused by “blunt force trauma.” Moulton said he couldn’t disclose if Dayhart had a medical condition that contributed to his death.

Emergency responders found the Brooktondale resident outside the bar and tried to resuscitate him, according to the senior investigator. He was transported to Cayuga Medical Center before his death.

Warner was arrested, arraigned in Village of Candor Court and sent to Tioga County Jail on $125,000 cash bail.

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