Schuyler, N.Y. — About 40 people, including 20 from Tompkins County, were arrested Tuesday for protesting the expansion of a gas storage facility near Seneca Lake.

Those arrested included two teachers with the Beverly J. Martin Elementary School and a lecturer at Ithaca College. Here’s a YouTube video which shows several people being arrested:

Mandela Jones provided the following lists of those arrested today. She said 41 people had been arrested, including a photographer who was trying to capture the event.

From Tompkins County:

1 — Andy Moore, 38 of Trumansburg
2 — Suse Thomas, 48 of Trumansburg
3 — Ahrayna Zakos, 39 of Ithaca
4 — (x2) Deborah Cipolla-Dennis, 49 of Dryden
5 — (x2) Joanne Cipolla-Dennis, 52 of Dryden
6 — Lisa Trent, 41 of Ithaca
7 — Mariana Morse, 66 of Brooktondale
8 — (x2) Anna Redmond, 30 of Trumansburg
9 — (x2) Jeff de Castro, 61 of Trumansburg
10 — John A. Wertis, 81 of Trumansburg
11 — Brion Scime, 42 of Newfield
12 — Sue Kinchy, 68 of Brooktondale
13 — (x2) Margaret McCasland, 68 of Lansing
14 — Barbara Barry, 78 of Lansing
15 — Danielle Angie, 36 of Trumansburg
16 — (x2) Elan Shapiro, 67 of Ithaca
17 — Bob Rossi, 42 of Ithaca
18 — Alex Colket, 36 of Ithaca
19 — Sue Schwartz, 38 of Ithaca
20 — Emmanuel Cestero, 60 of Trumansburg

And from elsewhere …

(x2) Doug Couchon, 64 of Elmira
(x2) Coby Schultz, 54 of Springwater
(x3) Lyndsay Clark, 53 of Springwater
(x2) Audrey Southern, 31 of Burdett
(x2) Jodi Dean, 52 of Geneva
Tom Angie, 62 of Aurora
(x2) Leslie Potter, 71 of Big Flats
Patty Darcey-Walsh, 53 of Conesus
Cindy Gorham-Crevelling, 67 of Penn Yan
(x2) Paul Passavant, 48 of Geneva
(x2) Catherine Rossiter, 62 of Sayre, PA
Neil Clifford, 44 of Hector
Carol Bloomgarden, 50 of Hector
Marge Ehly, 64 of Hector
Richard Figiel, 68 of Hector
David Van Nostrand, 64 of Hector
Ian Remmers, 24 of Hector
Dave Kunath, 37 of Elmira Heights
Terri Radke, 61 of Corning
Warren Radke, 63 of Lodi

There have been 133 total arrests since protests began at the Crestwood site on Oct. 23, according to Jones.

Here are a few quotes from Tompkins County residents who were arrested today:

“I’m here to defend Seneca Lake because the quality of life for all of us in the Finger Lakes is threatened by gas infrastructure development. This is another step forward of the destruction of the whole planetary ecosystem, and if we can take a stand here that’s a really strong message for people all over the world.”


— Elan Shapiro, 67, Ithaca

“This is the wrong place to store compressed gas, and because the idea is to store more and more gas here it’s promoting the extraction and the use of an incredibly potent heat-trapping gas.”

— Margaret McCasland, 68, Lansing

“I live here and I’m raising my son here, and I feel it is very important to protect our water and the companies that need it.”

— Anna Redmond, 30, Trumansburg

Here’s what the protesters said in a statement today:

The methane gas storage expansion project is advancing in the face of broad public opposition and unresolved questions about geological instabilities, fault lines, and possible salinization of the lake, which serves as a source of drinking water for 100,000 people.

Crestwood has indicated that it intends to make Seneca Lake the gas storage and transportation hub for the northeast, as part of the gas industry’s planned expansion of infrastructure across the region.

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.