Editor’s Note: The following is an opinion column written by Henry S. Kramer, of the town of Dryden. 

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— Jeff Stein

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In an opinion piece published in the Ithaca Voice, Lauren Loiacono takes Congressman Tom Reed to task for “attacking” the City of Ithaca by terming Martha Robertson an “extreme Ithaca liberal.” Loiacono somehow seems to feel that using the term liberal to describe Robertson and the political characteristics of the people residing in the City of Ithaca is somehow an “attack” and derogatory.

This writer finds it difficult to understand why Ithaca liberals find the liberal label for themselves so distasteful and are offended by it. Are they ashamed of being liberals? Is there somehow a disgrace in it? If they are liberals why aren’t they proud of it?

At the Reed-Robertson debate in Elmira, one proud Ithaca liberal carried a sign, “Another extreme Ithaca liberal for Robertson”. She had no trouble with the label she earned and she has my respect for being honest about it and proud of it.

To state such a political fact is not an “attack” on the City of Ithaca, but rather a recognition of the political views the majority of its residents do hold. I cannot see how this converts to “stereotyping” and “name calling”.

A few years ago, a survey was done of the party registrations of faculty at Cornell and IC who were registered in political parties. 95% were registered as Democrats or Greens. So, it is accurate to say that our area is a liberal stronghold. Reed has never avoided Ithaca. He maintains an office here, has held town hall meetings in the area, and has had a real presence here.

He listens to Ithacans, though of course listening and providing representation services should not be confused with voting as a minority of his total district would like him to vote. Reed is proud of and supports our educational achievements.

— Henry S. Kramer

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.