Ithaca, N.Y. — A snowstorm is expected to sweep over the East Cost on the day before Thanksgiving, possibly bringing between one and six inches of snow to Ithaca, according to forecasts by AccuWeather and the National Weather Service.

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The snow isn’t supposed to start until after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, but is expected to continue over night and into Thanksgiving Day.

National Weather Service forecast.

Accuweather estimates that the storm will bring 6-12 inches of snow to much of New England and New York’s Hudson Valley Region. Ithaca is expected to get between 1-6 inches.

Accuweather recommends that those traveling through the Northeast do so on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, if possible. Those traveling on Wednesday night should exercise caution, as strong winds may lead to drifting on roadways.

“The storm should rapidly strengthen off the coast of New England on Wednesday night, leading to strong and gusty winds, especially near the coast. This would lead to some blowing and drifting of the snow, making travel on Wednesday night very difficult,” said meteorologist Ben Noll.

Return trips should not be affected, as snowfall is expected to end early on Thanksgiving Day.

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