The protesters on Nov. 11.

Correction: An initial press release from the protesters said 12 people were arrested. The protesters later said that in fact only 9 people were arrested.

A drummer in the Sim Redmond Band was among 9 people arrested Wednesday at the ongoing protests of the Crestwood expansion, according to a statement from the protesters.

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Fifty-five arrests have now occurred at the gates of the Schuyler County facility, protesters said in the statement.

Click here and here for background more about the protests.

Asa Redmond, the drummer for the popular jam band, is also the owner of a organic food distributor called Regional Access. Redmond was arrested as part of a blockade at the gas facility.

Asa Redmond, back left. Photo courtesy of the band.
The protesters on Nov. 11.

Among the 9 arrested today with local ties were:

— Stefan Senders, 56, owner of Wide Awake Bakery.

— Anna Redmond, 30, of Trumansburg of Regional Access.

— Peggy Aker, 57, of Trumansburg, owner and founder of Marco Mamas.

— Chuck Geisler, 69, of Ithaca.

— John Dennis, of Lansing.

Citing federal approval of the facility, Crestwood officials have said the expansion is safe.

The band also posted the following statement:

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