Crossing the finish line

Cornell alumnus Bill Nye “The Science Guy” beat a Bloomberg News host Friday in a race to see who could ready his bow tie most quickly.

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Nye looked to be trailing Tom Keane, the Bloomberg host, by a couple of seconds — but the famed science educator and 1977 Cornell graduate came storming back for the win.

“Hands down, Bill Nye has it,” the host says.

Crossing the finish line

Click here to watch the video, posted under the headline: “Watch Bill Nye Defeat Tom Keane at Tying a Bow Tie.”

Nye’s bow tie is a signature part of his look. Earlier this week, he told the Wall Street Journal:

“My uniform is: a sportcoat and a bow tie. I started wearing bow ties in high school; it was then I realized their great utilitarian nature: They do not slip into your soup. They also do not flip into your flask when you’re in a lab. My favorite place to buy them is Seigo Neckwear, whose silk is really beautiful.

In case you’re interested in jumping on the bow tie bandwagon, here are a few videos of Bill Nye advocating for the bow tie and explaining further why he wears one:

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Jeff Stein

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