Ithaca, N.Y. — Simeon’s Bistro is asking diners via its Facebook page for advice on the rebuild of the restaurant. The Commons restaurant was badly damaged in a tractor-trailer crash this past June.

“We are in the early stages of meeting with a local architect for the rebuild,” the post says, “anything we should be thinking of?”

Most commenters simply asked that Simeon’s be restored to its former glory:

Majestic beauty: “Please make sure that the outside of the building looks like it use to, absolutely old and gorgeous. Downtown really misses that majestic beauty on the corner.”

Re-create what was there: “Can you re-create what was there? The character and beauty of the original space was magnificent.”

Others had creative suggestions for new features and amenities.

Some suggestions were modest…

Aurora St. Integration: “Would also love more integration with the Aurora Street side, if that’s at all possible, with more window seats and outside dining.”

Accordion Doors: “We went to Toronto and a lot of their restaurants had accordion doors and could open it up on nice days. If Toronto can do it so can we.”

A muralist painting over the old Simeon’s exterior

…Some were more ambitious…

Fireplace: “Simeon’s was such a warm, cozy place. A warm fire in the winter would be perfect.”

Second floor balcony dining: “…for dining above the hustle and bustle.”

Small Events Space: “…one in which a workshop or meditation could be held. I could be a very simple space, hard wood floors, and good light, a place where a circle of 12- 15 chairs could easily fit. You could cater the lunch or dinner for any of the events.”

…and some were rather silly.

Self-Service Wine Dispenser: “how about a self-serve wine dispenser that use a “members” card. You could feature wines of the day, week or month by the glass. I know some cruise ships and other establishments offer this and people love it.”

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