Leave it to Ithaca to have a geeky/Greeky pumpkin, this one in the Southside Neighborhood. It's Pi. It's a pumpkin. It's a pumpkin pi. Get it? Photo: @LakeBeast

Ithaca, N.Y. — Sometime Halloween Eve, the goblin scampered around Ithaca changing the names of some of our favorite landmarks and businesses.

Trudy: Why I shop in downtown Ithaca

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Can you think of some Halloweenized additions to this spooktacular list or perhaps come up with an illustration of one? Email The Voice at jstein@ithacavoice.com.

Leave it to Ithaca to have a geeky/Greeky pumpkin, this one in the Southside Neighborhood. It’s Pi. It’s a pumpkin. It’s a pumpkin pi. Get it? Photo: @LakeBeast


Chompkins County
Ithaca City Ghoul District
Dr. Jekyll and Mayor Myrick
Dead Moaninov (Fifth Ward of the State)
Seph Murder
Hell N. McPallister

Courtesy of Cornell

Towns & Neighborhoods

South Hill Has Eyes
Dead Endfield
Cayuga Bites

Entertainment & Atttractions

Grim Redmond Band
The Suffer Jets & Boo Stalkings
Vegetative State Theater
Weird Sciencecenter
Hanger Theater
Stitchin’ Theater


Fangs Ambulance
Warren Surreal Estate
Cay-Boo-Boo Medical Center

Ithaca Commit Me Acupuncture


Life’s So Short Chocolates
Mama Goosebumps
Green Scar Oasis
The Dewitt Gall
Ithaca Zombies Market
Silence of the Hams: Return of The Piggery
Mummy & Me
Crypt-hammer Mall
The Crookery
Buffalo Screech Books
GhoulStar Market
Black Cat’s Pajamas
Crater K’s
Bool’s Flower Shop of Horrors

Restaurants & Bars

Ithaca Coffin Company
Awful Frolic
Sheet Melissa’s
Haunted House Cafe
Snape Diner
Rogan’s Mourner
Frankenstein Line Bistro
Mythaca Bakery
No Viva
Plot 10
Northside Moans & Spirits
Silky Bones
The Dock of the Dead
Wicked Witch of The Westy
The Haunt
Howl at the Moonies

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! #ymca #djwashburn

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Night of the Living Bread

Ithaca Impale House

Witches’ Brewpub


Heart Stop Deli

Impurity Ice Cream

Creepy Town Bagels


Gimme! Brains

Ithaca Fear Company

Agava Possessed-aurant

The GraveYard Grill


Taste of Die Express

Fat Jack’o’lantern BBQ

The Stines


Candy Cornell IC Dead People New Brooms Charter School


William Henry Killer Inn
Arrgh Ghost Inn
Hillside Strangler Inn
Statler Bates Hotel

Roads and Landmarks

Aura Street
Route the 13th
Ithaca Scareport
Slayuga Lake
Six-feet-under Creek
Stephen King Road
Warren-Wolf Road
Children of the Corn Street
Robert Demon Park
Ewwart Park
Casket-filla Creek
Crevasse Park
Oddington Road
Sourmilk Falls
Dieden Road
Maskadilla Falls
Meadow Creep
Taughannock Appalls
Nightmare on Elmira Road

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.