Submitted by reader Andrejs Ozolins

Update 5:30 p.m. — 

A NY State traffic alert says the 600 block of Cliff Street will be closed for up to four hours after a tree fell on several power lines Tuesday afternoon.

Submitted by reader Andrejs Ozolins

There don’t appear to be any injuries. Fifty-one people in Ithaca have lost power, according to NYSEG.

NYSEG crews are working to clear the area, and emergency personnel are rerouting traffic from Cliff Street onto Hector Street.

Andrejs Ozolins, a neighbor in the area, said that he was at home when “we heard what sounded like an explosion … like a very large gun or a small cannon.”

Ozolins said there were strong gusts of wind during the day that appear to have blown the tree down.

After hearing the sound, Ozolins left his house to learn what had happened, thinking there may have been an accident.

He then saw the “massive” tree, felled near his house.

“You see how incredibly huge they are,” he said. “When they’re hanging up in the sky you don’t appreciate how big they are.”

Ozolins said traffic was soon tied up in the area.

“The traffic went bezerk,” he said.

Ozolins said he had lost power and thought several others in the area had, too.

Earlier —

Ithaca, N.Y. — The 600 block of Cliff Street in Ithaca has been closed to traffic Tuesday afternoon as police respond to a report of downed power lines.

Courtesy of the fire department.

The Tompkins County 911 Dispatch Center confirmed the road closure and said that traffic is being rerouted on to Hector Street.

Emergency dispatch reports also indicated that emergency personnel were setting up barricades to close down the road. The 911 center said dispatchers believe there are some power outages in the area but this has not been confirmed.

The dispatch center also said that an earlier accident in Ithaca area involving a school bus appeared to be “very minor.” The dispatcher said he did not think there were any injuries in that incident.

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