Ithaca, N.Y. — Two years ago, Tammie Olsefski had an idea for a vegetarian and vegan “comfort food” truck.

A year ago, Olsefski bought a bread truck and brought that idea closer to reality.

“It was totally empty,” she said of the bread truck. “Since then, I’ve been purchasing different pieces of [kitchen equipment] and have been slowly building it over time.”

Then came Oct. 3, and Olfeski was ready: The “Star Truck” — one of many new food trucks in Ithaca, including the vegan “Cafe Wild” — opened.

It’s closing for the winter soon, but Olfeski — a lifelong Ithacan — said the initial response from customers has convinced her to keep it going in the spring and beyond.

Serving what she calls vegan and vegetarian “comfort foods,” Star Truck’s menu consists of a variety of foods – from nachos, to pancakes, to macaroni-and-cheese.

The menu typically rotates, she said. “I spend the whole week trying to figure out the menu,” she said. Her customers “seem to really enjoy the food; that makes it so worth it,” she added.

“I feel like Ithaca, in general, does a lot of health food. I like to change it up a bit and do more comfort foods,” she said. “That’s what I enjoy the most.”‘

Olsefski, a vegan for the past ten years, said that she usually opens her truck on weekends at different locations. This year, she has set up shop at Indian Creek Farm and Ithaca’s Apple Harvest Festival.

The truck in its construction phase.

Despite her busy schedule, Olsefski said that she hopes to put the “finishing touches” — stencils and paint — on her truck by February or March.

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