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Ithaca, N.Y. – The Ithaca Fire Department responded to an accidental sprinkler break at the Colonial Building on the Commons Friday that temporarily closed two eateries and displaced the residents of at least one apartment.

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Several smoke detectors, which were set off due to a wiring malfunction because of the water damage, could be heard throughout the rear-end of the building.

The Ithaca Fire Department arrived on the scene shortly after the sprinkler break, but not before the second, first, and basement floors of the Colonial Building were damaged.

The water poured through the floor of the second floor of the building, which Lieutenant Rob Covert said consists of several apartments.

At the time of the interview, Covert said that “at least one” apartment is damaged enough to displace occupants. The American Red Cross was called to help them find temporary housing, he added.

The front end of the building houses Gorgers Taco Shack and Conkies, a sushi resturant, which both appeared to be closed after the water came through the ceiling tiles above the stores. An employee at Casablanca, which borders Gorgers Taco Shack, said he was not aware of the water damage.

(Kyle Friend/Ithaca Voice)

Cindy Kennell, who manages the property, said that she didn’t know the extent of the damage at the time. The building is owned by Ithaca Renting Company, according to its website.

At press time, the Ithaca Fire Department had cleared the area. “We’re turning things over to the building owner,” said Lieutenant Covert. “They’re certainly going to be here for a while for cleanup.”

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