Ithaca, N.Y. – “Dear White People,” a movie touted by Salon as “the college movie of our times,” is playing this afternoon at Cinemapolis.

The film, directed by Justin Simien, explores racism at a fictional Ivy League college through a satirical lens.

The film has won several awards from different international film festivals — including in Seattle and San Francisco — and won a “breakthrough talent” prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film opens at Cinemapolis today at 4:50 p.m.; other showing times for the film are listed below, courtesy of Cinemapolis’ website.

A review in The Huffington Post gives a brief synopsis:

“The film takes place at the fictional Winchester University, an Ivy-League-type school whose small population of black students has been roiled by new housing rules that have effectively eliminated the school’s only traditionally black residence hall, Armstrong Parker House. That issue gets a jolt when Samantha White, a black film student (Tessa Thompson), unexpectedly becomes head of Armstrong Parker, deposing golden boy Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell) who also happens to be the son of Winchester’s dean of students (Dennis Haysbert). Sam, an artist at heart with a rebel soul, shares her outspoken views on racism and cultural identity on her radio show “Dear White People,” informing the white student body why racism is flourishing and why many of the ways white people attempt to prove their lack of racism fall flat.

Cinemapolis showtimes:

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