Some readers responded negatively to an Ithaca Voice story published Tuesday morning, “Records: 5 crying kids watched Ithaca teen viciously stab their mother, sister.”

The story used police and court records to reconstruct what authorities described as a vicious stabbing attack in front of young children. Previously, the extent and nature of the crime had not been disclosed.

Law enforcement officials sign sworn affidavits in court records based on interviews and evidence. The summary of facts produced by prosecutors is the best available official account, accurately reflected in The Voice story and one that — as part of a major crime — deserves public circulation.

However, I made a mistake when I decided to publish the story in two separate increments. The first story did note that a second one would be coming, but did not explain that it would include what the defendants have said.

This was a mistake on my part. I should have been sure to include all the relevant information in the first story or at least mention that the defense was coming in the second. For that, I apologize. The full story is now published in full on the original page.

Thank you for reading and for your feedback. Your criticism helps us improve our product and ensure that we are reflecting the thoughts and expectations of our readership.

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— Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.