Trumansburg, N.Y. — Law enforcement officials from across the county gathered at Kendal at Ithaca Monday to say farewell to officer Randy Haus of the Trumansburg Police Department and to see him win the Frank G. Hammer Officer of the Month Award.

The award is presented on the third Monday of every month.

Haus, a lieutenant, has been a police officer for Trumansburg since 1978.

Joshua Adams, president of the Kiwanis Club (the organization presenting the award), began the ceremony with a poem. Several attendees provided heartfelt speeches and shared stories about their personal experiences with Officer Haus.

“You insisted on excellence and I think, for me, that was the one thing that stuck out. He didn’t allow us to have substandard paperwork, performance, how we treated the public. All those different things that make what we would describe as a good police officer,” Pete Tyler, deputy chief of the Ithaca Police Department, said of Haus.

Haus accepting the award. (Sara Karlson/ithacaVoice)

Among the agencies in attendance were officers from the Ithaca Police Department, Tompkins County Sheriff’s, NY State Troopers, Trumansburg Fire Department, FBI, and Tompkins County District Attorney, Gwen Wilkinson. They all said that there is no doubt that Officer Haus left a mark on the local public safety community.

Haus plans to apply to become an animal control officer after he relocates to Cocoa, Florida.

“You embodied the very best of what law enforcement has to offer. Your retirement is going to leave a huge hole in this profession, especially in Tompkins County,” said Police Chief John Barber to Haus.

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