Zephyr Teachout, left, and running mate Tim Wu, right, hope to unset Gov. Cuomo.

Ithaca, N.Y. — A left-wing challenger to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming Democratic primary is coming to Ithaca this weekend, her campaign confirmed on Twitter Wednesday.

Zephyr Teachout and her running mate, Columbia professor Tim Wu, hope to unseat Cuomo in the Sept. 9 primary. (We’re in touch with Teachout’s campaign about her plans to visit Ithaca and will post updates when we learn more.)

Teachout, a Vermont native, is a professor of law at Fordham University. Her campaign has picked up some steam as of late, receiving its first endorsement from a major political fundraising organization, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Zephyr Teachout, left, and running mate Tim Wu, right, hope to unset Gov. Cuomo.

She has also picked up momentum from a New York Times story about Cuomo’s Moreland Commission. That story found Cuomo seriously compromised an ethics commission he set up.

Approval for the governor remains at 70% among Democrats, however.

Business Insider reported Wednesday:

“Even with Cuomo’s recent troubles, Teachout has a slim chance of unseating the governor. A new Marist Poll released Tuesday showed Cuomo’s favorability rating has dropped five points in the wake of the anti-corruption commission flap. However, the poll still showed Cuomo with a 70% approval rating from the Democratic Party. …

It also concluded “primary challenger Zephyr Teachout is not known to most voters.”

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Rubin Danberg Biggs

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