Ulysses, N.Y. — The Franziska Racker Center said its preschool special education program and daycare will be closed on Wednesday because of “extensive flooding” at the facility.

Trumansburg Assistant Fire Chief Rod Ferrentino said that about four inches were reported to be running through the building on Tuesday after thunderstorms swept through the region.

The center, on Wilkins Road, is part of the area hardest hit by heavy rains on Tuesday, according to emergency officials.

“We had a lot of trees and wires down” in that section of the town of Ulysess, Tompkins County 911 officials said.

Roadways in Ulysses were damaged by Tuesday’s thunderstorm. (Jeff Stein/IthacaVoice)
Roadways in Ulysses were damaged by Tuesday’s thunderstorm. (Jeff Stein/IthacaVoice)

Ferrentino, the assitant fire chief, said around 8:30 p.m. that firefighters had been called to at least 18 incidents connected to the storm.

Several Perry City Road driveways sustained visible damage, with gravel jutting out of on the road and dirt roads transformed into swamps.

NYSEG trucks could be seen stopped at a few homes on Perry City Road. Branches and other debris were scattered on the roadway.

Hail fell in Newfield (Courtesy of Billie Jo Owens)

“Some powerlines and cellphone lines got wiped out with the trees that fell,” the 911 official said.

Tompkins County said that — after brief closures — East Shore Drive and Taughannock Boulevard have been reopened to traffic.

“However, caution is advised in those areas and in the Perry City/Jacksonville areas, as crews are working throughout these areas,” the public information officer for the county, Marcia Lynch, said in a press release around 7 p.m.

About 1,500 power outages had been reported in the area. By 9:45 p.m., that number had dropped to 330 for the county.

Earlier in the night firefighters in Newfield said they’d seen hail but only been called to one report: of flooding in the basement.

Firefighters hadn’t heard of downed trees or wires in the town. On Facebook, several users reported “hail measuring 1.75 to 2 inches” in Newfield.

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Jeff Stein

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