Ithaca, N.Y. — An employee of Simeon’s who lost consciousness during the June 20 crash at the restaurant is suing the trucking company and truck driver.

Martin Waisbrot was working that day when the truck hit the restaurant, sending Waisbrot into tables, chairs “and other fixtures” in the establishment.

Broken glass struck Waisbrot’s head and he suffered “severe bruises and contusions about his entire body,” his lawsuit states.

Waisbrot has now joined the owners of the Cornell Barber Shop in suing the trucking company, Quality Relocation Services, and driver Viacheslav Grychanyi.

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“The conduct of the defendants and each of them was so wanton, reckless and malicious and demonstrate such a conscious indifference and utter disregard for its effect upon health, safety and rights of others,” Waisbrot’s attorney writes, that “each of them should be punished for their wrongdoing.”

Why Waisbrot believes driver, company are to blame

Waisbrot gives a few dozen reasons Grychanyi and Quality Relocation Services are culpable in his injuries. Among them are:

1 — Grychanyi was “traveling at an unreasonable and imprudent speed.”
2 — The Peterbuilt tractor was not equipped with adequate tires and brakes
3 — The tractor had not been adequately inspected.
4 — The driver failed to “perceive or to follow road signs on East State Street indicating that trucks should bear right onto Seneca Way.”
5 —The tractor-trailer carried vehicles that “extended several feet beyond the rear of the motor car carrier.”
6 —The company had failed to recognize Grychanyi’s license had been revoked.
7 — The driver had been ticketed numerous times for violating vehicle and traffic laws.

Extent of injuries

Waisbrot’s lawyer also details the extent of his injuries. They include:

1 — “A severe laceration to the top of his head, requiring hospital treatment and medical treatemnt with stapes.”
2 — “A sudden and severe traumatic blow to his entire body, which caused him to be thrown about the interior of the restaurant and to lose consciousness … and causing him to suffer a severe concussion.”
3 — “Numerous contusions and muscle strains.”
4 — Severe sprain of right ankle.
5 — Post traumatic stress disorder.
6 — “Daily headaches and ringing in the right ear.”

The lawsuit was filed earlier in August. Waisbrot said his injuries have led to substantial medical bills, as well as restriction in “physical and work activities.”

He’s being represented by Littman & Babiarz.

The lawsuit adds that his wife, Mary Major-Waisbrot, “has been deprived of the society, services and companionship of her husband … and she is informed and believes this deprivation and impairment will necessarily continue for her lifetime.”

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.