(Courtesy CAFEO's Facebook page)

Ithaca, N.Y. — An Ithaca restaurant owner has closed his Tex-Mex joint a few months after closing his café, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

(Courtesy CAFEO’s Facebook page)

Mexeo, formerly located at 111A Dryden Road in Collegetown, has been “permanently closed,” according to the restaurant’s Facebook page. The official closing was this month.

Open since September 2010, Mexeo served a variety of food from Vietnamese sandwiches to burritos.

The owner, Sebastian Villa, also owned CAFEO, a coffee shop also in Collegetown that closed down in February, according to the café’s Facebook profile.

Efforts by The Voice to reach Villa have been unsuccessful.

Sullivan mourned the loss of the restaurant on his Facebook page.

“RIP mexeo,” he wrote, “where the only thing fresher than the food was the beats.”

Kyle Friend

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